PureTaboo – Skyler Storm And Haley Spades You Jealous Cuz?


You Jealous, Cuz? Nathan Bronson Skyler Storm Haley Spades
Amy & Charlotte (Skyler Storm & Haley Spades) are hanging out when Charlotte’s stepcousin, Logan (Nathan Bronson), arrives at the house. It turns out that Logan will be staying with Charlotte’s family for the weekend, though Charlotte wants nothing to do with him. Charlotte’s surprised, however, when Amy invites Logan to join them. It’s clear sparks are flying between Amy and Logan, which is the last thing Charlotte wants. But, not wanting to be too much of a downer, she goes along with it.

The three of them start playing cards, with Logan sitting square in the middle of Charlotte and Amy. Charlotte would perhaps be able to tolerate her stepcousin’s company if he wasn’t openly hitting on Amy, who does nothing to stop his advances. In fact, Amy makes no secret of liking the attention, egging Logan on and not caring in the least bit about her friend’s reservations. Before long, Logan boldly asks if Amy would like to accompany him to the bedroom, and Amy seems into it. But this is where Charlotte draws a line.

Charlotte gets in their faces, forbidding Logan and Amy from fucking in her house. Logan and Amy scoff, mocking her for being such a bummer. If they didn’t know any better… it would almost seem like Charlotte was jealous. Charlotte denies this accusation, but the other two decide to put this to the test by having sex right in front of Charlotte. She can do nothing to stop it, and almost leaves the room… but something makes her stay behind. Her eyes can’t look away from her stepcousin fucking her best friend with his hard cock, and she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the scene. Maybe she is jealous… so the question is: what is Charlotte going to do about it?

Date: August 15, 2023