GirlsWay – Bridgette B Lulu Chu And Katrina Colt Employee Intervention


GirlsWay – Bridgette B Lulu Chu And Katrina Colt Employee Intervention
A boss, Bridgette B, has invited two of her employees, Katrina Colt and Lulu Chu, over to her house for a talk. As soon as Katrina and Lulu see each other, it’s obvious that there is tension between them. As they all sit down and talk, it’s revealed that Katrina and Lulu don’t get along at work and that it has been affecting productivity. Since they’re great workers, Bridgette wants to find out what the source of the problem is.

Katrina and Lulu start bickering between themselves, though there are small hints of attraction between them. Bridgette listens and tries to mediate but then starts to grow suspicious as she catches the hints of attraction. Before Katrina and Lulu’s bickering escalates further, Bridgette insists that she knows the problem: they have a crush on each other!

Katrina and Lulu are stunned. They try to deny their attraction but Bridgette is adamant and they soon realize that she’s right. As soon as it’s all out in the open, there are even more hints of attraction between Katrina and Lulu, revealing more and more of their true feelings for each other.

Bridgette then boldly insists that Katrina and Lulu need to have sex to get out all of that pent-up energy, otherwise their work will always suffer. Katrina and Lulu are shocked by the suggestion but, after some thought, agree to take things further under Bridgette’s guidance. But they’re slow and tentative to start with during the intimate encounter, which leads to Bridgette getting impatient and taking charge as she joins them!

Date: August 13, 2023