ExploitedCollegeGirls – Britney I Thought I Knew What Orgasms Were


ExploitedCollegeGirls – Britney I Thought I Knew What Orgasms Were
Hello loyal fans and welcome to the sexual awakening of today’s bona fide genuine college coed Britney who just licked her First Slit Ever over at our Girl/Girl Site excogigirls.com with Amber Moore. It’s been climbing up the popular list fast and I can see why. Those two girls sure know how to have a good time and what a slit to lick first with so go check it out because it’s full of Pussy Licking good times. Loved it, but today’s the other special day in little Miss Britney’s life were she takes her first cock on camera from a new stand in stiff cock to ExCoGi by the name of Jay. I think both Jay and everyone involved are silently screaming “Thank You God!” because Britney is newbie perfection, a vision sent from above, and a gift that should be unwrapped with care, tenderness, and love. Ok that’s not exactly what happened today because even though Jay is new to the game plan here he is a seasoned cocks man and put all those Frat Boys at State to shame because sweet, innocent minded, and somewhat inexperienced Britney is only used to having sex for about 10 to 15 minutes a session. I’m so sorry for those brief and past experiences dear because I can’t imagine those quickie encounters being all that satisfying. Well today you can thank God yourself because you’re going on a magical carpet ride to Orgasmsville. You see Britney thought she knew what orgasms were until we introduced her to the enchanting and miraculous world of the Magic Wand / A Girls Best Friend. That along with a properly sized and functioning thick cock means Multiple Orgasms and even her first Squirting O at exactly (1:00:00). Wow and I should go strait to the casino and bet $100 on Black because it was so awesome to witness I had to show it in multiple angles so all of you adoring fans could witness her eruption in all it’s glory. Let’s see what else was spectacular about this scene? Well just look at the tags because Britney’s never had anything up her ass before and got fucked almost the entire day with a Butt Plug up that tight and beautiful asshole and I’ve never wanted to be a Pink bedazzled Butt Plug so badly as at this exact moment. Wow! And Britney’s almost to beautiful to be doing this and you’ll probably find yourself pinching your arm every few minutes to make sure you’re not dreaming. Thankfully she’s what wet dreams are made of so enjoy her, love her tan lines, sign me up and toodles everyone. Cheers! Steve

Date: August 14, 2023
Actors: britney